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Paintings by Ginger ... Also hand painted note cards and other neat art items.

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Paintings by Ginger

Hello!  Welcome to Paintings by Ginger.  Please take a moment to view the paintings below and be sure to check the navigation bar to see many of my other original paintings, both acrylic and oil.  Prints are available of almost any of the images.  Note cards also for very reasonable rates, both printed and original hand painted ones.  I accept Paypal.  Contact me direct for prices and purchases.  Thank you very much for visiting my site!  A special thank you to all who have ordered prints and paintings and other art items from this website.  Hugs! ~ginger

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Look at my youtube video.  A dear artist friend, Jill Gaebel (her page with a sample of her outstanding artworks is in the navigation bar above) made the video and set it to music for me.  See what you think.  Check it out:


Take a look at this

Take a look at this

Poem by Jacquei Essex


Over the seas in the far off  fields of Kentucky

I have a dear friend who to have I am so lucky

Her paintings are beautiful and of such wondrous art

Of scenes so amazing created straight from the heart

Through the brush strokes I can feel that moment in time

When the soft colours were flowing on the canvas to prime

Wonderful scenes of mountains, trees, lakes and anything in sight

With such inspiration I can hardly resist poems to write

With the poetry in my thoughts I lift my pen and the words are set

Creating tributes to the works of my friend, Ginger Lovellette.

.............By poet Jacquei Essex who resides in Spain..............


Jacquei Essex is an exciting poet and photographer, born in the UK and currently residing in Spain.  Her work can be found several places online but be sure to check out the following locations: and on this site,, you will find collaborated work of Paintings by Ginger and Poems by Jacquei.  

Path of Flowers

Prints for sale, also note cards.    If interested in the original, please contact me.

Ole Sweigs'

This is an abstract of a 'real' Ol' Sweigs' Tavern that used to be in Evansville, IN.  12"x9" acrylic on sheet of canvas.  Old World Charm.   Prints available, also note cards. 

Lady of Fashion

Acrylic on stretched canvas.  Framed!  Price includes frame.  Prints and note cards available.   Interested in purchasing the original?  Contact me for price and details.

Inside the Crystal Clear

9"x12" acrylic on acid free canvas sheet. This colorful painting can be framed as is or professionally matted and framed under glass.  Either way should be a nice addition to your home or office.   Prints and note cards available. 



  For a personal visual viewing, please take a stroll through BeBe's Artisan Market at 107 Market House Square, right off Broadway, in Paducah, KY and ask to see this painting!  Spray enamel with acrylic enhancements.  Attractive metal frame.  Measures 26"x29".  An enhancement for any office or living space!  Prints and note cards available. 




20"x28" acrylic on stretched canvas.   Now here's a deal for you on this rather unique and thought provoking painting.   A print of this image would be considerably less.  Contact me for details.

The Poplars


16"x20" acrylic on stretched canvas.  Contact me for details of price for original.   Prints available, also note cards. 

"Magnetic Poles"

  16"x20" acrylic on stretched canvas.   Prints and note cards available.


"Swan on Red Lake"

Prints and note cards available.

"Swan on Red Lake" is an 8"x18" acrylic on canvas panel.  A gold metal frame makes this an even more attractive piece for your home or office.  Frame included.


 Contact me for pricing of Original.

Prints and note cards available.

Altar Flowers

My representation of flowers on a church pew.  11"x14" on nicely textured linen painting paper.  Can be framed as is or matted and then framed under glass.   Prints and note cards available.

Alaska, if you please!

20"x16" acrylic on stretched canvas.  Prints and note cards available. 

Brain Waves

The image of this painting was requested by a Greek Medical magazine for publication in 2005.  NFS at the moment.  However, prints and note cards are available.


Let's Go Sailing

9x12 acrylic on acid free acrylic painting paper.  ***SOLD*** but if you'd like a similar one, just let me know and we'll discuss price for an original or check the price list for a print or note card!


Painting is currently being exhibited in England.  Can hang vertically or horizontally.  Prints and note cards available.

Desert Storm

16"x20" on stretched canvas.   Prints and note cards available.

Roman Scholar of the Past

16"x20" acrylic on stretched canvas.  Very impressionistic piece.  The wording you see at bottom left says, "Juvenis Philoogus Praeteritus" which translated is similar to "Roman Scholar of the Past".   Prints and note cards available.


There's more pages of paintings......just click on the navigation bar at the top to take you to many interesting paintings.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO VISIT THE GUEST ARTISTS PAGES (Natalie Mason, outstanding well known English artist).

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